i there, my name is Lucy! I'm 12. This was me two years ago. You probably notice that I had a little problem. Well, actually I had a "BIG" problem. People called me names like "Hippo" and said that I had a "weight" problem. But I know that what I really had was an "eating" problem. I just loved to eat, especially sweet stuff like ice cream and cake.

Sometimes my weight got me in trouble, but sometimes it kept me out of it, like that time two years ago. My friends and I went for a hike up into the hills outside of the town where I live. It was a beautiful spring day HUFFING AN PUFFINGwhen we started off. We were all singing, but as the climb got steeper I stopped singing. I got out of breath real easy, because I was so heavy. My friends were laughing and running ahead. I was really having trouble keeping up. "Come on Lucy! You are slower than a turtle!" Then my friends disappeared around the bend in the trail. I just stopped and huffed and puffed until I caught my breath. Then I started after them.

I went around the bend, but I did not see my friends. I went a little farther, but I didn't see them anywhere. "Hey guys, where are you?" But no answer. I figured that they were hiding from me. "Alright, I give up!" But still no sound from my friends. It was really quiet. I was getting a little scared. It was starting to get dark. I walked around in circles, and I was almost ready to head back towards home, when I heard a faint noise, like splashing. It came from a dark pit near the trail, with branches all around it.

I crawled over to the edge of the pit and looked in. There in the darkeness THE PITI saw my friends floating in the water in the pit. "Oh man, Lucy... we are so glad to see you!!" They were all shivering in the cold water. I tried to reach down to them, but the pit was too deep. How could I ever get them out by myself? I first thought of running for help, but by the time I would get back my friends could drown, since the water in the pit was cold and deep.

Then I saw a big fallen tree near the hole. Could I move it? I pushed and pushed and finally managed to get it to the pit. I rested it on a TREE IN PIT rock at the edge of the pit and tipped the tree like a see-saw down into the pit. One of my friends climbed on. My heavy weight allowed me to tip the tree up with my friend on it and out of the pit. Then he helped me get the other two kids out. They were all wet and cold, but they were so grateful to me for saving them.

After that my friendsHALF A PIECE OF PIE decided to help me lose weight. They showed me that I could still eat what I like, just cut it in half and save half for later. I was able to eat the same stuff, just less of it. They also showed me what foods are good for me, like apples and fruits, that wouldn't make me gain the weight back. They taught me how to skateboard and to rollerblade and other fun stuff. I was so happy doing active fun stuff with my friends that I didn't even think about food.

Here is our picture together last month. LUCY THINMy friends are so proud of me. I can hardly believe it's me! Now when we go hiking I'm out in front. And I keep them from falling into any more pits!





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