BlubberBusters. com was inspired by a pediatrician who is involved in the care of overweight children and teens.   This pediatrician has inspired other websites for kids with ongoing medical problems, such as bedwetting and asthma.  Most kids with  such conditions feel "different" and alone.  The Internet is a wonderful place for kids with these types of problems to obtain information and to interact with other kids with the same problem, without having to reveal their identities.  Kids everywhere with the same problem can support each other and can help each other.  

Overweight kids have many issues similar to those of kids with other ongoing problems.  It was therefore felt that an interactive website for overweight kids and teens, as well as their parents could help these kids deal with their weight issues.  The result was BlubberBusters.com.
BlubberBusters.com is supervised by a professional advisory board  consisting of a pediatrician, a pediatric dietitian, a nationally recognized psychologist, who specializes in teen weight issues,  and a nurse practitioner - attorney.

The mission of BlubberBusters.com is simply to serve as an aid to children, teenagers, and parents in their struggle with being overweight.  It allows kids, teens, and parents from all over the world to interact with each other and to support each other.  It further allows healthcare providers to follow the progress of their overweight pediatric patients on the website, as well as to interact with them, and to provide support and care, in other words to provide "e-Care."   E-Care saves travel time for patients, allows closer monitoring of their progress, and saves time for their healthcare providers.  We hope that our site is useful to you.

BlubberBusters.com Management

Blubberbusters.com is owned and operated by eHealth International, Inc.


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