THE WIZIf you have a story or questions about being overweight, please type them below. Then click on "SEND TO THE WIZ". We are sorry, but the Wiz is unable to give medical advice. Please ask your doctor about questions on your weight. The Wiz will, however, select a certain number of questions sent in each week for the Blubberbusters Question and Answer Area (click to see). You can also click on the Question and Answers icon on the home page of the site.

Before submitting a question, you might want to check out answers to our top two most frequently asked questions (click on links below):

ďDo I need to lose weight?" (weight calculator) and School Answer
"How do I lose weight?"

You can also do searches for specific words in the Question/Answer area. For example, if you have a question about healthy snacks, teasing, compulsive overeating, or any other topic related to weight loss, type in those keywords to see if other kids are asking these questions too. (Try typing one or two words per a search. You may not get any results if you type in too many words because the search becomes too narrow). If you donít find the answers you are looking for, we want to hear from you!

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