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"Self-esteem" is how your feel about your self.  
Here is a self-esteem quiz that may give you an idea of what your self-esteem level is.

1. I want to lose weight because:

a. I want to be healthier and prevent type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease in my future.

b. More people would like me at school.

2. True or False: My world would be perfect if I lost enough weight.

a. False
b. True
3. Circle the letter which best describes your weight loss strategy.
a. I am taking my weight loss one day at a time and eating more fruits, veggies, whole grains, and low fat dairy products. I eat certain high calorie foods like ice cream and bacon once or twice a month and don't feel guilty. I am being more physically active by taking the stairs whenever I can and walking with my friend around the block five days a week. I will know I have reached my goal when I can run a whole mile without stopping and I drop a few pants sizes.

b. I want to lose 30 pounds this month. I am only allowing myself a certain amount of calories per day and when I go over even a little bit, I feel guilty. I work out two hours a day everyday (even though I am not enjoying it). I check my weight everyday to see if I was successful or failed the day before and my day is ruined when I gain. I am only happy when I lose weight.
4. I want to look like:
a. myself! My body is unique and only mine. I understand that there are millions of different body types and they are all great. Although many people on TV don't look like me that is okay. I am proud to be me!

b. a model! I will not stop until my thighs are thinner and I have a six-pack stomach. My goal is to look as thin as a model and I will not be happy until I am a certain weight and clothing size.
5. Some people at school make fun of classmates who are overweight including me. When it happens, I feel:
a. hurt and wish they would not make such comments. Even though the comments hurt my feelings, I know I am becoming healthier everyday by changing my daily eating ways and activities. Also, I only hang out with friends who accept me and together we do things we enjoy like walking to the park or playing basketball. They remind me that I am special. When they aren't around, I keep track of all the good things I do everyday and what makes me unique. This helps me forget what the bullies say and remember the good stuff!

b. hurt and I take what they say as true. Every time they say mean stuff like "fatso" or "piggy" I sneak extra food and eat to feel better. I feel more ashamed of my body with every comment and I think the bullies will like me only if I lost weight.

See how you did! Count up all of your "A" answers and put the total here:

Count up all of your "B" answers and put the total here:

If you answered all five questions with the letter "A"-You probably have positive self of steam (or self esteem). You are probably losing weight for your health while you accept your body shape. You have a practical approach to healthier living. Keep making the changes and you will help your body feel healthier and your mind feel stronger!

If you answered "B" to any questions, you may be struggling with your self esteem and losing weight for the wrong reasons. Remember that every body is unique and weight loss is to help you become a healthier adult. Weight loss isn't the answer if you are looking for happiness. You can only find happiness from within! Talk with someone about how you feel-you could talk with a parent, a school counselor, or any trusting adult. Talking about your feelings may allow you to feel better about yourself, which will strengthen your mind. Once you strengthen your mind, you can begin to fuel your body to reach your healthy weight goal!

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